Returning a Power Adapter for an External Hard drive

Replying to your email can you please provide me with the following information that the RMA department is required for us to ask our customers.

It’s a power adapter, and the cable doesn’t fit in the power adapter socket.

Computer Type:

Well, some of my computers are White, some are Black, two are Metal, and one is blue, yet another is two tone Green. Some are Mac’s, some are Intel Macs, some are IBMs, some are ASUS, a few are from Nokia… is this relevant?

Speed that your running:

Fast? Away for ever buying from OWC again? I guess I’m also sitting down, so I may not be running when you read this.

Operating System:

It’s a power adapter! It doesn’t have an OS. If it does I am very very afraid of it. There are however computers that I own that run Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 9.04), QNX, and other OSes, exactly how this has anything to do with a power adapter is somewhat beyond me.


… someone may want to update what ever computer program (I assume) requires those fields.


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